Chaplain Carey

Jonathan C. Carey, an Assemblies of God USA Commissioned Chaplain, has Advanced Ecclesiastical Endorsement with The Assemblies of God Commission on Chaplains as an Emergency Services - Crisis/Disaster Response Chaplain.

Counseling for First Responders

First Responders experience a high level of trauma and exposure to difficult life situations such as violence, family conflict, and life-threatening situations. We assist them in developing a personal self-care model. Think of self-care as having three aspects, Awareness, Balance, and Connection. Reset Therapy focuses on five areas (Faith, Family, Friends, Finances, and Fitness). Reset Therapy is offered at The Hope Plaza. Also available are Reset Seminars for communities. 

Chaplaincy Training

Currently, most agencies arrive in the Caribbean for short-term missions and crisis relief. While these trips have benefits, they fail to address the ongoing need to equip believers to respond to a crisis–large or small. I.F.O.C. has accepted the charge to provide training to Christians in The Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and additional Caribbean nations. As the Caribbean Regional Commander, I invite you to prayerfully consider attending one of our training.  

5R Circle Process Seminars

I work with organizations and leaders involved in business, educational, governmental, and religious pursuits. The 5R Circle Process is the core tool used in my life and leadership coaching and vision building seminars. It is a valuable tool in resetting after a crisis and/or shift in vision.

Additional Chaplain and First Responder Training

We are all encouraged to lift the lid on our potential. One of the ways to do this is continual training as a chaplain and/or first responder. The additional training program is a mobile ministry (at your location).


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