Practical Wisdom for Building Your Vision

Since publishing his book, PRACTICAL WISDOM FOR BUILDING YOUR VISION, Dr Jonathan Carey has dedicated himself to bringing his message to Faith-Based Leadership Conferences around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, Dr Carey can break through the boundaries that are limiting your team and get them ready to shape the future. Let Jonathan Carey help you and your team move from the world of yesterday's regrets into the world of tomorrow's victories.

My Personal Strategic Philanthropy Policy - Jonathan C. Carey


I feel strongly about helping causes related to faith and education, that specifically address the needs of clergy and people of other countries who need help with fulfillment of purpose and personal empowerment to change. I envision fulfilling my strategic philanthropic goals with faith-based ministries that are multidisciplinary oriented, are visionary in nature, and whose areas of influence are regional in scope.”

Jonathan C. Carey, PhD, Pastoral Psychology

As a speaker, author, and coach, Jonathan Carey will bring new life and connection to your next event.

" I just wanted to say thank you again. You cannot begin to fathom how much my life has been impacted as a result of the training.  It is an answer to prayer for me.  I am excited about how greatly the lives of the women in my local assembly will change for their good; mine as well.  I have already envisioned so many different arenas that I can utilize the roundtable concept/method in.  I appreciate you and your willingness to lend yourself to the Body of Christ in the manner in which you do.  I have freshly recommitted myself anew to the call of God and His mandate on my life.  Thank you Sir and I do pray that today is not the end..."

Shanar ButlerPetit-Frere 

Nassau, Bahamas


 "A very good workshop filled with new ideas about old challenges".
O’Neil Smith - regional bank manager, Jamaica

Keynote & Workshop Presentations



The Understanding Purpose presentation focuses on the team leader’s personal life, discussing the need for understanding the purpose of life, and the necessity for visibility, prayer, counsel, and faith. The Understanding Purpose presentation is intended to encourage personal evaluation, enrichment, and growth. God builds the leader first and then the organization, group, or ministry.



Understanding Vision is an interactive presentation developed while working with a variety of organizations of size and scope. This presentation discusses what a vision is and offers ideas for a vision's development, fulfillment, and promotion. Participants are given many illustrations and examples from the Word of God and Dr Carey's experience.   



Using Dr Carey's 5R Circle process—Recap, Recognize, Rework, Rewrite, and Redesign—as an innovative approach to coaching and system for success, Life Principles to Guide You workshop participants receive support and practical feedback to help effectively address personal shifts in vision, challenges, and goals.

Book Forward

Practical Wisdom for Building Your Vision

Vision is key to succeeding; after all, it is vision that enables us to see opportunities where others see only challenges, and that allows us to see victory where others see defeat. Vision reaches into the nothingness of the present circumstances to grab hold of a possibility that is not so apparent. One does not build pyramids, a great wall, a great company, or a great religion without vision. What is true in these big areas of life is also true in individual lives; vision is critical. Practical Wisdom for Building Your Vision, by Rev. Jonathan Carey, is a work by someone who is uniquely insightful and practical. In this useful prose, Rev. Carey provides clear instructions for all to follow in building a vision for success in almost any area of life. Using powerful biblical references and practical illustrations of the process that leads to vision building, 

Rev. Carey provides for his readers a good guide for a meaningful achievement in life. Not only does he present the positive opportunities that vision building presents, he also speaks to the challenges that those seeking to do so must encounter and provides wisdom for overcoming those challenges.

This work will be useful to leaders in all kinds of organizations, be they church, business, school, or government. It will also be helpful for those simply seeking to gain a clearer focus in life. I recommend it to readers as a useful work by a truly gifted and insightful teacher.

The Hon. Zhivargo S. Laing
Former Minister of State for Finance
The Commonwealth of The Bahamas