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Dr. Jonathan C. Carey

Jamaica Launch

STEPS Launch - Jamaica


STEPS is a Faith-Based Initiative. STEPS provides excellent life-skills training to Youth and Adults across the Caribbean.

  The entire series was developed to provide in a workbook form steps for personal and ministry success. It targets two groups. Firstly, leaders desiring biblically-based personal development study materials and secondly, youth and adults as an evangelism and personal development tool. The steps are taken from biblical characters reflecting part of their life’s quest and challenges. It is hoped that the series will be welcomed not only by believers for personal study, but also by, Bible Training Institutes, Mission Organizations, Sunday School Classes, Youth Camps, Cell Groups, Prison Ministries, and all those who are involved in the maturing of the saints. A Personal Development Audit is offered for most workbooks. 

 The program is offered "Free of Charge" to target groups, and underwritten by those who believe in the cause.  STEPS has a dedicated office in Nassau, The Bahamas. Thank you for your prayers and support!   


                                      STEPS Summer 2019

Our STEPS outreach began in Montego Bay, Jamaica June 21. We launched the new Teen Book with 20 youth at a Fish Fry.


                                                Up Next

November 13th to 17th we will be on South Eleuthera Island, Bahamas.

There we hope to have a school Rally.