HOPE Chaplaincy


The HOPE Chaplaincy vision is to:



Here are some steps you may take:

  • Pray about joining our initiative and completing a Chaplain Application Packet.
  • Attend a Sharing HOPE in Crisis Seminar.
  • Complete Certification with Dayspring International Leadership Network.

Our chaplains serve:

  • Police and Fire Departments.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Centers.
  • Prisons, Jails, and Youth Centers.
  • Schools, Camps, and Homes. 

Membership with the HOPE Chaplaincy attests to both competence and endorsement for the chaplain ministry. Membership is for Christian ministers who are in agreement with our affirmation of faith and ethical statement. Our mission is to maintain an association for chaplains and to establish guidelines in the practice of this specialized ministry. The standards we have developed help to ensure truly faithful and effective Christian chaplains  

Chaplain Jonathan C. Carey

DILN Board Licensed Commander

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I would love to answer any questions you may have. HC is in the formative stage, and welcomes your input, prayers and support!