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We are a Christian Fellowship that embraces Churches, Ministries, Fellowships, and Pastors who acknowledge, accept and submit to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. GUF will not allow any Name, Denomination, Doctrine, Tradition, Socio-economic or Cultural composition to separate or prevent us from experiencing the authentic fellowship of the Saints of the Living God. Our mission is to foster biblical Unity among Christian Believers as one Body in Christ.

Caribbean Metropolitan Bishop - Jonathan C. Carey

North Atlantic Deanery Metropolitan Bishop - Deanza Cunningham

The Bahamas - Cayman Islands - Haiti - Turks & Caicos Islands

Spanish Caribbean Provincial Bishop - Eddie Rivero

Cuba - Dominican Republic

Jamaica Provincial Bishop - Ricardo Grant

St. Kitts Provincial Bishop - Samuel Cornish

Trinidad & Tobago Provincial Bishop -  Arnold Josey

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     GUF Presiding Bishop Neil C. Ellis
GUF Presiding Bishop Neil C. Ellis