Dr. Jonathan C. Carey

Book Forward

Practical Wisdom for Building Your Vision

Vision is key to succeeding; after all, it is vision that enables us to see opportunities where others see only challenges, and that allows us to see victory where others see defeat. Vision reaches into the nothingness of the present circumstances to grab hold of a possibility that is not so apparent. One does not build pyramids, a great wall, a great company, or a great religion without vision. What is true in these big areas of life is also true in individual lives; vision is critical. Practical Wisdom for Building Your Vision, by Rev. Jonathan Carey, is a work by someone who is uniquely insightful and practical. In this useful prose, Rev. Carey provides clear instructions for all to follow in building a vision for success in almost any area of life. Using powerful biblical references and practical illustrations of the process that leads to vision building, 

Rev. Carey provides for his readers a good guide for a meaningful achievement in life. Not only does he present the positive opportunities that vision building presents, he also speaks to the challenges that those seeking to do so must encounter and provides wisdom for overcoming those challenges.

This work will be useful to leaders in all kinds of organizations, be they church, business, school, or government. It will also be helpful for those simply seeking to gain a clearer focus in life. I recommend it to readers as a useful work by a truly gifted and insightful teacher.

The Hon. Zhivargo S. Laing
Former Minister of State for Finance
The Commonwealth of The Bahamas